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Avesa Breath
Practitioner Attunement
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Break through the layers of fear, doubt and lack, with just one breath...and teach others to do the same!
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In two dynamic interactive sessions you will learn how to use and teach others the AVESA breath. A spiritual healing that is as profound as it is practical.

This ancient breath practice carries the energy of Source as the gateway to infinite expansion. Imagine your life as a Certified Avesa practitioner! Let your infinite possibilities manifest into reality! 

By attaining this Avesa Breath Practitioner Certification, You'll Discover how...
To Move through ALL obstacles with Love, Ease and Grace
Discover your balance as the gateway to infinite presence. Through the Avesa breath, solutions arise and “problems” transform into the rich opportunity to expand and thrive!
Full Attunement into the Avesa Energy for Peace, Love and Joy
Beyond meditation, the attunement of Avesa energy offers your physical body support through the still force of oneness! The
remembrance and KNOWING that YOU are a MASTER in form!
to easily teach others the Avesa Breath
Teach your family, your friends and if so inclined, your clients. You will have everything you need to be FULLY CERTIFIED to offer this gift to others. Imagine the blessing YOU are calling forward.
Ancient processes that quickly access your souls wisdom
Beyond learning the Avesa breath you will also be learning Guided
visualization and Balance practices that show true results. The Avesa dowsing technique and mantras are just the beginning!

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 Sri & Kira’s Proven Five Steps to A Happier Life through Soul Consciousness! 

The recognition of growing beyond a “me” focus, ignites the exploration of the greater mysteries, and many spiritual traditions offer practices assisting the explorer to dismantle the ego’s grip.


When Sri & Kira first met, they surrendered what many called normal lives and activated a soul agreement that opened the door to direct communion with the Archangelic Realm, Ascended Masters and the Blue Starborn. This loving story is told in their powerful first book, “Sacred Union: The Journey Home”. Here we learn about the many layers of emotional and spiritual release that they encountered as they together said “Yes” to accepting their divine mission to ignite The Art of Ascended Living as they model the Yoga of Self-Ascension. Sri and Kira have arrived at the forefront of the higher consciousness movement due to the wisdom, clarity and accuracy of the information they are bringing forward. With four best-selling books, a highly acclaimed radio show and continual outpouring of timely information, the couple presents extraordinary insights about our human origins and divine destination.  Once you experience the undeniable love of this Mystical couple, you will clearly understand why they have committed their lives to this most amazing and unique work. Together they have dedicated themselves to bringing the powerful messages of Peace,(Shanti), Love, (Bhakti) and Joy, (Ananda) through the Yoga of Self-Ascension™ 

Sri & Kira offer the energy of authenticity as the gift of Universal Spirituality known as “The Yoga of Self-Ascension”. Simply stated, it is the recognition that all Beings have the full nature of the sacred inside themselves and the ability to call forward a life of divine abundance. While dogmatic traditions are a supportive starting point, it is valuable to recognize that they assist to bring the sincere spiritual seeker to that glorious moment where the journey must transcend the dogma and become a Direct Mystical Experience. 
The Yoga of Self-Ascension affirms that you already have everything you need inside your heart to reconnect with your divine ascended presence. Sri & Kira live each day as the expression of the Art of Ascended Living, the energy of Shanti-Bhakti-Ananda*.  They model Universal citizenry while honoring that each person is sovereign. Your heart has connected with your divine nature and we welcome you to re-discover the Magic within. It is time to reawaken as you safely embrace your direct mystical experience through the Yoga of Self-Ascension. Welcome home to your divine self, beloved one!

What is The Avesa Breath? 

More than just a means of connection with the body, this breath offers the gift of assisting you through the barriers of density.

When you begin the Avesa breath, it offers you immediate connection with your present level of consciousness. (See diagram below). As your consciousness is fluid and seeking reunification with your Soul energy, the In-breath opens the doorway to In-soulment,  saying yes to your mastery presence.

The Out-breath completes the process through the Avesa alignment. The more you practice the Avesa breath, the simpler the flow from In-breath, (In-soulment), to Out-breath, (Avesa).

What you see in the diagram is the cycle that interrupts this circuit from being completed. It is the density obstacles that present themselves in many forms. 

The key is to simply release the obstacle by breathing through it, rather than living in it. 

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